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Choir Express at a glance

Choir Express is a cheap, safe and fast delivery service for goods abroad to meet the export needs of customers' packages. Types of goods sent abroad such as food, garments, cosmetics, motorcycle spare parts which can be sent without heavy quotas. Choir Express has a Mobile Application to make it easier for its customers in the shipping process. Delivery with Choir Express sends customer shipments to the destination address (Door to Door) or to the dropshipp point (Port to Port).


Why Choir Express?

The heavier the package, the lighter the postage

Cheap, Fast and Safe

It only took 3-5 working days for the package to arrive at the destination address.

Free Pickup

Customers don't have to bother delivering packages because we pick up free.

Free Packing

In order to make your goods safer, we can help you with packing at no extra cost.

Fast Response

Our customer service is ready to serve and answer all your questions responsively.

Track Real Time Posts

Easy and Real Time delivery tracking system.

Transactions via app

Delivery transactions can be made using a Smart Phone.

Benefits and Benefits of Using the Application

The Choir Express application can be used on Android or IOS Smart Phones, making it easier for customers to make shipping transactions with various easy-to-operate features such as postage checks, order receipt creation, real-time shipment tracking, transaction history.

Keunggulan Mobile Aplikasi

Proficient security level

We ensure the security of user data to prevent misuse of data.

Excellent Performance

Responsive application operation.

User Friendly

Easy to use app features.

Manfaat Mobile Aplikasi


Track deliveries in realtime.

Check Shipping

Check shipping prices worldwide.

Transaction History

Informing History of transactions that have occurred.

User Testimonials

Here are some reviews from users who have used Choir Express.

They say about Choir Express

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artis yang menggunakan choir express
Bang Opie Kumis
"Kalau mau kirim paket ke luarnegeri Choir Express, Ahlinya Paket Luar Negeri"
artis yang menggunakan choir express
Geni Faruk
"Save dan Kondisi Prima reccomend banget dh dari kami kami gen halilintar.."
artis yang menggunakan choir express
"Rekomended banget udah terpercaya, tercepat dan packing nya pun rapih banget.."
artis yang menggunakan choir express
""Gen Halilintar" Wow Cepet banget pengirimannya Rekomen deh buat kalian semua"
artis yang menggunakan choir express
Rizky Febian
"Aman deh pokonya, Buat yang bingung bisa tanya Customer Servicenya, baik kok cs nya...."

Choir Express Expert in Overseas Packages

What are you waiting for, hurry up and send goods overseas via Choir Express, enjoy the cheapest, safest and fastest shipping rates.