Company Glance

PT FIA EXPRESS INDONESIA is a specialist expedition for sending packages abroad with cheap shipping, getting to the destination quickly because it uses air cargo and is safe for the recipient's hands. PT FIA EXPRESS INDONESIA is very skilled in sending packages to Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan as well as to countries around the world.

Vision and Mission


To become the leading, largest, and international standard company for international shipping services, by providing excellent service to customers and the latest information technology support.


  • Producing quality delivery services and being able to provide innovative solutions based on the latest information technology.
  • Make it easy for everyone to send packages overseas quickly and at affordable prices.
  • Increase the value of national exports.
  • Develop the competence of Human Resources expertise so that they are superior, and professional in their fields.
  • Develop a network of partners in various countries in the world.
  • Take an active role in supporting government policies and programs in the logistics ecosystem